Photo Restoration and Printing

At Deck The Walls, not only do we create great custom framing, but our photo restoration and printing services can also help you bring back your family memories to their former beauty. It’s an easy process that keeps the originals safe and untouched. Here’s how it works:

faded portrait of young lady restored photo of young lady


We’ll make a high-resolution scan of your photo so that we have a digital file to work with. All restoration work is done digitally, and your original photo remains untouched.


From the digital file we created in the scanning process our experts will work to restore your photo. We can do a wide variety of work, from simple to complex:

  • Restoring faded colors
  • Correcting color shifts
  • Fixing tears
  • Filling in missing areas
  • Adding color to black & white
  • Changing backgrounds

If you don’t see what you need listed, just ask us!

photo of dog on busy background photo of dog on new background


Once the digital restoration work is done, we can print your photo on your choice of paper, depending on the age of the photo and the effect you want. Some of our options include:

  • Matte art paper
  • Matte photo paper
  • Gloss photo paper
  • Metallic luster photo paper
  • Canvas
  • Metal

If you’re not sure what option is best for your photo, we would be happy to show you examples and help you decide which is best for your project.

dark photo of soldier restored and colored photo of soldier


With your photo restored and printed, naturally you will want to display it proudly! Our custom framing experts will help you pick out a framing treatment that will show off your memories and let you enjoy them every day. With a wide variety of options, we have something to fit any taste and budget. Visit our Custom Framing page for more information.

Gift ideas

More than likely there are a few people in your family who’d love to have a copy of those old photos. It’s just as easy to print ten as it is one, so consider extra copies when you’re placing your order. Even if you change your mind later we keep the files so we can print more down the road. We can also send you a low-res version great for sharing on Facebook and other social media.

Come by soon to see how Deck The Walls can help you restore, print and enjoy all of your old family photos.



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