Personal Framing

Framed Memories

At Deck The Walls we can turn your memories into ART! You will be proud to display your photos or three-dimensional objects for all to see. Why keep all of your best stories in a shoebox?

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Whether it is your daughter’s first pair of booties or your father’s military medals, our expert designers can help you bring your stories to life. Deck The Walls can preserve, protect and present these priceless memories to be enjoyed every day.

Can you imagine these memories on your wall?

  • Photos of your parents as young sweethearts
  • The military medals of your family members who served our country
  • Wedding invitations, flowers and mementos from the day you said “I do”
  • Your collection of baseball cards
  • Your little leaguer’s jersey
  • Corks and wine labels from your honeymoon in wine country
  • Tickets from the big game
  • Your great aunt’s keepsakes from her travels abroad
  • Christening gowns, booties & rattles from those precious early years
  • That quintessential item that defines “Grandpa”
  • Your favorite photos and shells from a family vacation to the beach
  • Musical instruments, movie prints & autographed memorabilia for your themed room

The options are endless. Bring us your stories and let Deck the Walls turn them into art that will last forever.

Sports Framing

  • Shadowbox, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Sports, Custom, Framing
  • Shadowbox, Custom, Framing, Sports, Baseball
  • Shadowbox, Football, Jersey, Custom, Framing, Sports
  • Shadowbox, Sports, Golf, Custom, Framing
  • Shadowbox, Sports, Golf, Custom, Framing
  • Shadowbox, Sports, Golf, Custom, Framing
  • Shadowbox, Sports, Golf, Custom, Framing
  • Shadowbox, Sports, Golf, Custom, Framing

Play ball! Sports are not just a pastime, they are a way of life for many of us, and collecting and displaying sports memorabilia is how we express our team pride. The custom framing experts at Deck The Walls can help you frame and display your favorite items proudly, whether your game of choice is football, baseball, golf, hockey or soccer.

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Whatever your favorite collectible is, chances are we have framed it before and have the expertise to make sure it looks great for many years to come. Some of the sports collectibles we have framed include:

  • Jerseys
  • Baseball cards
  • Game programs
  • Marathon medals and bibs
  • Pennants
  • Hockey sticks and pucks
  • Hole-in-one golf balls and scorecards
  • Autographed photos and baseballs

Whether you just ran your first marathon or want to show off your favorite player’s jersey, Deck The Walls has the expertise to help make it something to be proud of!

Conservation Framing

What is conservation framing? Conservation framing methods are the same processes used by museums worldwide to preserve and protect works of great value. Whether you’re framing an expensive, original piece by a revered artist or something of less monetary value that happens to mean the world to you, the team at Deck The Walls is trained in current conservation methods. We can help you maintain the quality, appearance and value of your treasured piece for generations to come.

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At Deck The Walls, we are proud to present you with the highest quality materials by the world’s leading providers of museum-quality frames, mats, and glass. Available in a variety of textures and colors, we offer mats made from 100% cotton fibers as well as others containing a MicroChamber® technology to trap airborne pollutants. We also offer a variety of glass and acrylic to protect your artwork by blocking up to 99% of the UV light rays that can cause your artwork to fade and deteriorate over time. In addition, TruVue Museum Glass© provides the lowest level of light reflection possible, providing you with optimal clarity, allowing you to see your art the way it was meant to be.

Needle Art

We know how much time and care go into crafting needlework. Whether it’s your first attempt at needlepoint or your grandmother’s heirloom sampler, the expert framers at Deck The Walls are trained in the latest conservation methods to mount and frame your needlework.

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Deck The Walls will not use any mounting method which involves adhesives or other materials that could harm your artwork. Our methods of pinning and lacing are endorsed by the Professional Picture Framers’ Association as safe, non-invasive, and completely reversible.


Having trouble seeing the complete picture? Deck The Walls is proud to introduce Visualize: Framing Preview System. It takes the guesswork out of your framing. Now you can work with our experts to create the perfect design and then see the completed framing before you buy it. Visualize gives you the confidence that your framing will be exactly how you pictured.

Photo Services

Go beyond the snapshot into custom imaging! Deck The Walls offers total custom digital imaging services for any of your beloved photos. Our stores can bring new life to your images through photo restoration, photo-to-art processes, and custom prints.

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Let our experts digitally repair the defects in your heirloom photos and documents. This includes tears, stains, fading, discoloration, tape-marks or hundreds of other imperfections. We can even reassemble photos that are in pieces, bringing them back to their original glory. There’s no risk in our digital photo restoration because the original is scanned and reprinted. All imaging services provided by Deck The Walls are 100% guaranteed!

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