5 Reasons Why Deck the Walls

5 Reasons Why Deck the Walls Greenwood, Indiana

Deck the Walls in Allyne Park Shopping Center in Greenwood is your partner in your framing or room decorating project. What sets us apart from the big box stores and online framing services? Here are 5 reasons:

1. We are family owned and operated.

Because we are independent, your money stays in your community. You work directly with the Magee family on your project.

2. We provide custom framing for your favorite photographs and artwork.

Your artwork is not sent away to an outside company for framing. Your valuable family photos or memorabilia stays at our shop.

3. We sell unique décor for your home or office.

Whether from our store or through our select artisan partners, we have distinctive accessories to make your room beautiful.

4. We provide expert design consultation and collaboration.

Unlike the part-timer you might find at a big box store, our family has been involved in the custom framing and artwork business for decades. We have worked with thousands of customers and interior design projects over those years. We also work with other professional interior designers and participate in ongoing training.

5. We complete your project with free delivery and professional installation.

Once you have a beautifully framed piece of art, we can help you find the perfect place to showcase it and hang it for you without an additional charge.

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